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On this website you can access the full text of the Association’s flagship serial publications that have been published since 2006. Research Library Issues and SPEC Kits are freely available to all readers. Non-ARL members may purchase perpetual access to the ARL Annual Salary Survey and ARL Statistics titles. Online access offers the following features:

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What’s New

  • Cover Image Research Library Issues, no. 294 (2018)
    Keyword(s): RLI; library liaisons; liaison librarians; faculty; students; university libraries; academic libraries; reorganization
  • Cover Image SPEC Kit 358: Accessibility and Universal Design (May 2018)
    Keyword(s): research library; accessibility; disability services; universal design; library services

    This SPEC Kit explores how ARL member libraries are meeting the accessibility needs of individuals with disabilities. This study gathered information on support for assistive technologies in libraries, services provided to individuals with disabilities, staffing and training for these services, evaluation of resources, and institutional policies and procedures in this area. It also includes questions on universal design, an approach to design that makes spaces and services more inclusive of all, regardless of their needs. It includes examples of accessibility services, statements, policies, and resources and job descriptions for accessibility services staff.

    Spina, Carli, and Margaret Cohen. Accessibility and Universal Design. SPEC Kit 358. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, May 2018.

  • Cover Image Research Library Issues, no. 293 (2018)
    Keyword(s): net neutrality; Open Internet Order; telecommunications policy; Federal Communications Commission; RLI
  • Cover Image Research Library Issues, no. 292 (2017)
    Keyword(s): RLI; research libraries; failure; innovation; invention; creativity; risk; success; organizational culture
  • Cover Image SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing (November 2017)
    Keyword(s): research library; university press; library services; workforce; publishing

    This SPEC Kit gathers information on the breadth of practice taking place at the intersection of research libraries, presses, and publishing, and on the blurring of boundaries as libraries engage in publishing and press activities in new ways. It explores which activities are associated with library publishing, the level of library/publishing/press integration and collaboration with or creation of formal publishing/press operations, and the organizational structuring of these activities and programs. It includes examples of publishing service options, press staffing, publishing information for authors and editors, and publication lists.

    Taylor, Laurie N., Brian W. Keith, Chelsea Dinsmore, and Meredith Morris-Babb. Libraries, Presses, and Publishing. SPEC Kit 357. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, November 2017.

  • Cover Image Research Library Issues, no. 291 (2017)
    Keyword(s): holistic librarianship; integrated librarianship; library liaisons; special collections; scholarly communication; user experience
  • Cover Image SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion (September 2017)
    Keyword(s): research library; minority librarians; staff development; workforce; diversity programs

    This SPEC Kit gathers information about current recruitment and retention strategies that aim to increase the number of minority librarians in research libraries, staff development programs that foster an inclusive workplace and climate, how diversity programs have changed, and how libraries assess these efforts. It includes examples of diversity goals, visions, and statements, committee charges, mentoring programs, research resources, and job descriptions.

    Anaya, Toni, and Charlene Maxey-Harris. Diversity and Inclusion. SPEC Kit 356. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, September 2017.

  • Cover Image SPEC Kit 355: Campus-wide Entrepreneurship (July 2017)
    Keyword(s): research library; library services; entrepreneurship

    This SPEC Kit gathers information about library services and resources, funding models, staffing and administrative support, assessment, and the unique challenges of supporting these programs. It includes examples of entrepreneurship programs, centers and incubators; and descriptions of library entrepreneurship resources and services, outreach and instruction materials, and jobs.

    Armann-Keown, Vera, and Afra Bolefski. Campus-wide Entrepreneurship. SPEC Kit 355. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, July 2017.

  • Cover Image SPEC Kit 354: Data Curation (May 2017)
    Keyword(s): research library; library services; data repository; data deposit

    This SPEC Kit explores the infrastructure that ARL member institutions are using for data curation, which data curation services are offered, who may use them, which disciplines demand services most, library staffing levels, policies and workflows, and the challenges of supporting these activities. 

    It includes examples of data repository web pages, descriptions of services, infrastructure, workflows, metadata schemas, and policies, and job descriptions.

    Hudson-Vitale, Cynthia, Heidi Imker, Lisa R. Johnston, Jake Carlson, Wendy Kozlowski, Robert Olendorf, and Claire Stewart. Data Curation. SPEC Kit 354. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, May 2017.

  • Cover Image ARL Annual Salary Survey 2015–2016
    Keyword(s): research libraries; salary data; salary trends; library professional staff

    This report analyzes salary data for all professional staff working in the 124 ARL member libraries during FY2015–2016. Data for 10,111 professional staff members were reported this year for the 114 ARL university libraries, including their law and medical libraries (828 staff members reported by 71 medical libraries and 735 staff members reported by 76 law libraries). For the 10 nonuniversity ARL members, data were reported for 3,716 professional staff members. Beginning, median, and average salaries by race, sex, years of experience, geographic region, and professional position for research, university, law, and medical libraries are covered.

    Downloadable Microsoft Excel file of data tables [Note: This file was updated 9/5/17.]

    Morris, Shaneka. ARL Annual Salary Survey 2015–2016. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, 2017.